** SLOW POISONING I : West Bengal, 1995 ** SLOW POISONING II : Bangladesh, 1998 ** SLOW POISONING III : Ganga-Meghna-Brahmaputra Plain, 2006 **


The School of Environmental Studies (SOES) is part of Jadavpur University and is self-funded. Neither does it seek aid from international agencies nor look for funds from government bodies. Also, we do not accept any donation. We sell our expertise. The school runs on the money it earns.   

The purpose of this School is to highlight and try to solve the environmental problems affecting people. The School provides scientific information to common people, industry, local and central governments on some of the burning environmental problems (e.g. arsenic, fluoride groundwater contamination, metal toxicity from industrial effluents, urban air and water pollution etc.) and suggests the government on maintaining them.


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